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Pratham’s impact can be seen in the life-changing success 
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Seven-year-old Sameeksha could barely join letters together to form words. But after six months in a Pratham Read India class, she quickly graduated from recognizing words to reading stories.

Sameeksha is fortunate in having access to Pratham’s programmes to learn to read and write. Not everyone does, and even in fast-growing India, illiteracy is still a shocking fact of life. Of India’s 210 million children, nearly half are unable to read.

Illiteracy is a fundamental problem that causes a chain reaction of negative consequences


Illiteracy’s effects are lasting. It causes kids to trade their dreams for hopelessness and perpetuates generations of poverty. It’s simply inhumane. And in economic terms, it undermines India’s growth and potential.



Pratham is uniquely suited to address the challenge.


Pratham understands how to address this crisis. Our innovative programs are creating systematic change benefiting kids across 20 of India’s 28 states. Since 2007, Pratham's Read India campaign to teach underprivileged children across the country to read, write and do basic arithmetic has impacted an estimated 34 million children across India.  In addition, the success of Read India has transformed Pratham from a service delivery organization into one that also positively impacts official policy and the practice of education. By supporting Pratham you can help change the system for good.


Pratham achieves success in many areas

Pratham’s Reach in 2012-13

  • Over a million children in rural India reached through Pratham’s Read India programme.
  • An active presence in 17 states and 28,000 villages.
  • Over 300,000 children in 32 cities reached through Pratham’s urban programmes.

Creating a scalable model by training volunteers and teachers

  • 65,000 volunteers recruited
  • 61,000 teachers trained
  • 14,000 volunteers received computer training 

Programme impact

  • More than 600,000 children surveyed for Pratham's Annual Status of Education Report
  • Over 100,000 children borrowed books from Pratham libraries
  • 120,000 gained computer skills from 431 centers in 28 cities in 8 states
  • More than 4,000 child labourers and street children rescued, educated and sheltered
  • 4,000 children taught in science programming
  • 22,000 pre-school age children attend Pratham Balwadis (nursery schools)
  • More than 2,300 received vocational training 

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