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We all do a lot of online shopping these days and there is an opportunity here to donate to Pratham UK every time – at no extra cost! Visit and register Pratham UK as your charity ( we are pre-approved) just once and then every time you shop a percentage of your spend is donated by the retailer to Pratham which is a Here is a video on how it works.A huge number of stores and brands including John Lewis, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco, Amazon, Ebay, Argos, Expedia,, Debenhams contribute to so shopping and choice is never a problem!

Please sign up at the below link and use this platform as much as possible for all your regular personal and company online shopping / bookings:

A child, not as privileged as ours but no less capable by any measure, is helped every time we shop at no cost to us. That’s what you call a no-brainer 🙂

Payroll Pratham

A small monthly contribution of £5, £11 or £20 can support various education programmes at Pratham.
Monthly contributions can be made on a pre-tax basis, offering a £4 reduction in tax for a 40% tax payer for every £10 donated (i.e. real cost of £6 to educate 12 children for a year)

Contribution methods

1. Pay-roll / Give as you Earn: you can contribute via Charity Aid Foundation’s (CAF) “Give As You Earn” scheme, as long as your pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and your employer or pension company offers the scheme. The CAF form is attached as an Appendix to this letter.

The monthly contribution is made on a pre-tax basis, offering a £4 reduction in tax for every £10 donated (i.e. real cost of £6).

2. Direct Debit: Setting up a direct debit via the Pratham website. For UK taxpayers, gift-aid can be claimed increasing your overall donation amount by an extra 25p for every £1 donated. Donors can also claim tax benefits for any donations made to charity on a post-tax basis. Pratham donation link

Each individual contribution – no matter how small or big, makes an incredible impact! Your help and support to Pratham will help us get one step closer to erasing illiteracy for good.
We invite you to join the Pratham family.

Dine Pratham

Some of London’s top restaurants run a Dine out for Education scheme under which £1 gets added to the bill during a designated month – Christmas or Diwali – and then all the money collected is donated to Pratham and goes towards children’s education. Gymkhana and Trishna.

Please support them with your loyalty. Know a restaurant that would like to feature Pratham as their charity and collect money by adding £1 to the bill? Please put us in touch. All bright ideas and suggestions welcome.

Drink Me Chai

Drink Me Chai a family run British company, founded by Amanda Hamilton, strongly believes in giving back to communities and those in need to make the world a better place. Pratham is grateful to Amanda and her team for choosing Pratham UK as their charity partner. Drink Me Chai will donate a % of their profits from every pack sold to Pratham UK UK… We can’t thank you enough 

Dine out for Education

Our Dine out for Education programme has been extremely successful in raising both awareness and funds for Pratham UK. We are grateful to our restaurant partners Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers for joining us in our fundraising efforts by placing an insert with every food bill, giving patrons the option of donating £1 to Pratham UK.

Charitable Bookings

ChariTable Bookings is a restaurant bookings app and website that donates £1 to a charity of the customer’s choice. Pratham UK is on the list of chosen charities and we are encouraging our supporters to book their restaurants via Charitable Bookings as there is no cost to them.