1 out of 5 of UK's biggest charities spend less than 50% on good works


A new research report, named 'A Hornet's Nest' by the The True and Fair Foundation, questioning charitable spending levels in UK - finds 17 large charities with over £50 million per annum spend on average 43% on charitable activities. 292 charities, with combined income of £2.4 billion, spend 10% or less on charitable activities. The whole report is available for download here.

In comparison, as per duly audited financial reports, Pratham UK spends only 5% of it's revenue on administrative and fundraising activities. For Pratham in India, the figure is just 7%.

Pratham has worked to develop low-cost, replicable models that can easily spread and be adopted by other organizations. Thousands of volunteers work with Pratham to implement learning 'interventions' at the grassroots level. These volunteers are mobilized, trained, and monitored by the Pratham team. They are also provided with teaching-learning material and books developed by Pratham. Not only does this ensure more effective implementation of the programs, but it also helps to build an infrastructure focused on providing quality education to children.

To learn more about Pratham's programmes, please visit www.pratham.org.uk/programmes


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