Carola Syz visits Pratham in Mumbai


Carola Syz Sarzi-Amadé, originally from Rome, lives and works in London. She is a photographer, artist and art curator. Carola has travelled extensively, particularly to countries in the Far East, Asia and North Africa including India, Vietnam and Morocco. She draws her inspiration from the rich colours and exotic beauty she finds there.


Carola has long been a supporter of Pratham.  Last February, she visited Pratham projects in Bharat Nagar at Bandra East (Mumbai). "I enjoyed my visit enormously and I try to visit a different communities where Pratham operates, every time I go to India. This in particular is a muslim community and the children learn to read in different languages, Hindi, English, Maharati and Urdu, so lots of work for them. They all seemed very happy and eager to learn. It was a lovely experience", said Carola.


Here she shares with us the special moments with children, that she captured through her lenses.

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