Pratham UK partners with new Low-Cost airline POP!


Get an airline off the ground and donate to Pratham!


Pratham is delighted to announce a partnership with People Over Profit (POP)- a new, low-cost, long-haul airline with a social conscience that will meet the long-felt needs of passengers to India by providing non-stop (direct) flights between the UK and Amritsar (Punjab) and Ahmedabad (Gujurat), in just over eight hours. It is anticipated that the first POP flight will depart from Stansted Airport this autumn 2016, with three services weekly to each destination.


Based on a new business concept that the team at POP describes as a ‘caring capitalist’ model, POP is committed to giving at least 51% of its profits to charities, including Pratham UK, in the communities it flies to – Amritsar and Ahmedabad, along with the UK itself. POP can be so philanthropic because the other unique aspect of its business model is that the start-up costs are being crowdfunded from the very communities who will be using POP’s airline – an aviation first.


Rewards-based crowdfunding involves the sale of POP Gold Passes to passengers  attracted by a different kind of rewards package. By joining the POP family today, you can make this airline a reality. Buy a POP Gold Pass to enjoy a free off-peak flight to Amritsar or Ahmedabad, as well as another seven VIP benefits that last for five years:


·An extra bag, totalling 3×23kg luggage

·Early availability to access cheaper fares when released

·Free and unlimited name changes on all tickets

·Fast lane check-in and boarding

·Seat with extra legroom (if available)

·Free meal

·Free Wi-Fi


The first 7000 people who buy a Gold Pass will have a name of their choice (perhaps a loved one) printed on the underside of the aircraft. Every time the aircraft takes off or lands, those 7000 names will be seen collectively in the form of the ‘POP’ logo. What a great way to commemorate someone close to you!


Although POP is donating money quarterly to its partner charities starting on the day of POP’s first flight, when buying a Gold Pass during this crowdfunding period you can help Pratham a little bit more. 


Pratham will earn £10 every time a POP Gold Pass is bought. This will help educate a child for a year. This can be done by buying the Gold Pass from the 'Buy a Gold Pass' payment portal, and choosing ‘Pratham’ in the drop down menu entitled ‘Where did you hear from us?’. It’s that easy!


To buy your Gold Pass or read more about POP, visit today! It’s all in the name: People Over Profit – POP!



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