Vision India 2017 Now Open!


Dear Vision India Members,

We hope you have enjoyed our journey and have many good memories of Vision India 2016. To recap on the current year, we held three events ranging from talks by retails heads such as Amanda Hamilton (Founder of DrinkMe Chai) and Ravi Deol (Founder of Barista India and Adelie Foods), a guided walk in Soho and an engaging discussion on the importance of education with the world's first visually impaired trader Ashish Goyal.


In case you are new to Vision India or not yet a member but interested to find out how you can get involved with the programme, kindly visit

I am writing to invite you to renew your Vision India Membership. The subscription for 2017 will be £100 per individual Member. Throughout the year, this subscription entitles members to attend four exclusive events organised by Pratham UK. Refreshments are included and each event involves either an inspiring talk or an interesting experience.

Your donation is greatly appreciated, as little as £5 a month teaches six children to read and write in one year. £100 is an exceptional opportunity to buys books to equip a village library for children from year two to six, provides training in hospitality to a young person at the Pratham Institute, supports a young woman returning to education for one year.

The New Year will bring exciting new collaborations across Pratham and its donors and a bigger Members family.

Finally, I hope that you will be renewing your Membership. Vision India is aimed at young professionals in the UK like yourself - people who want to get to know each other and want to give back to society. I welcome suggestions on who you would like us to bring as a speaker or what you would like to do.

To renew, please donate £ 100 to and give Vision India as reference.


Kind Regards
Vinati Sukhdev
Executive Director
Pratham UK

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