Yes, there is ‘ fun’ in ‘fun’draising! Get involved with our regular sports programmes and raise money for children in India.

The British 10 K

Held every year in July, this iconic run takes in the sights of Central London such as Wesminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square and we have several Pratham supporters take part and raise money. Put on your running shoes and set up a Justgiving page and get your family and friends to sponsor you. We ask for a minimum fundraising of GBP 200 to pay for your place and raise some money for our cause. It is as easy as that.

The London Marathon

We can get you a coveted place in this landmark Marathon provided you raise a minimum amount of money for Pratham. Our past runners have made us proud with their times and their fundraising efforts. Here are a few stories.

Other Bright Ideas

Can’t run? You can walk. Can’t cycle? You can swim. There are as many ways to raise money through sports activities as there are sports. Here are a few enthusiastic Pratham UK supporters who have done unusual and intrepid things to challenge themselves and raise money for Pratham. From driving all the way to India to climbing three peaks to walking 10 miles through fields full of rabbit holes we have some inspiring stories. Remember, though you can write your own.

Please email to check for places and suggest fundraising sports activities.