Uttar Pradesh

Pratham began working in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 2001. Some key programmes are:
 The Read India rural programme is active in 21 blocks across 18 districts.
The Urban Programme is being carried out in Lucknow, Varanasi, Allahabad, Rampur, and Agra.
An Urdu programme is carried out in Lucknow and Varanasi Madarsas focusing on children learning levels in grades 8 and 9.
Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children interventions are active in 5 cities in the state.
Digital Classrooms are currently active in 114 schools across the state.
Special Programmes

ITC Ltd. funds a special project called 'Read India Plus' that focuses on improving the learning levels of children in pre-school until year 9. The programme is currently operational near the factory location in Saharanpur.
Research and development is carried out for Pratham's programmes in Dadri to develop comprehensive literacy and numeracy packages for children in years 2 & 3.
Research Studies

A research study funded by USAID is currently being carried out in 2 districts of Uttar Pradesh. 'Using Learning Camps to Improve Basic Learning Outcomes of Primary School Children', a study being evaluated by J-PAL, uses randomized control trials to test the effectiveness of learning camps conducted by Pratham. The project covers 444 villages and an estimated 30,000 children.
The ASER Centre has two research projects called 'Understanding Access to Education' and 'Leveraging a literacy initiative to improve child health and development' in Hardoi.
Government Tie Ups

Janshala Programme: This programme was implemented in Lucknow in 2001. Pratham was responsible for helping children out of school get enroled in school.
Nai Disha: In 2006 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) partnered with Pratham to implement a project for improving learning levels in reading and arithmetic in years 2 & 3 across 20 districts. In 2007 the programme spread to 20 new districts.
In 2013, Pratham partnered with 3 district administrations to implement learning improvement programmes for children in grades 3-5. In the Kushinagar and Balrampur districts, the programme is running across the entire district, whereas in the Auraiya district, it is being implemented in 2 blocks.