Navpreet Mann

Head of Executive Committee – Navpreet is a Director in the Corporate Finance team at ING Bank London. An Alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, she has been an M&A banker for 10 years. Deriving inspiration from the India’s leading educational institutions that have shaped her own life and career, Navpreet has been motivated to help Pratham deliver its mission of educating Indian children.

Navpreet brings the focus, dedication and persistence of an investment banker to Pratham. She has been involved with Pratham for several years as an enthusiastic volunteer in the office as well as our chief logistics coordinator at the annual gala. As a supporter of Pratham’s not only has she participated in Pratham fundraising events – the London Marathon, British 10K events and as a member of Vision India programme – herself, Navpreet has also helped Pratham reach out to other friends and supporters in her age group.