Coffee, Tea or Me ? – 5th February 2016

We would like to invite you to our first Vision India event of the year on Friday, 5th February at the London Business School.Stirring a storm in a tea cup are Ravi Deol, the Coffee entrepreneur who launched Barista in India and Amanda Hamilton, successful business woman of ‘Drink Me’ the UK’s leading supplier of Chai Latte.

Ravi Deol
Ravi Deol has pioneered several ventures, also founding Barista, India’s first indigenous coffee chain which revolutionized life style driven high street consumption. He was the architect of the Bharti Wal-Mart joint venture which marked Bharti’s entry into the retail sector.

Amanda Hamilton
Amanda Hamilton has a passion for tea which has taken her on an incredible journey from novice entrepreneur to successful business woman. A trip to India led her to discover Chai Latte and led to a lasting association with Pratham.