PraDigi: Pratham’s new digital initiative

PraDigi provides digital resources offline, increasing access to education, and engages students in educational fun games. Announced on August 29th in New Delhi, PraDigi provides tablets to rural villages and with it the PraDigi app.

It aims to improve basic literacy, numeracy skills and support specific subjects through 25 games and more than 500 videos. The material is available for 3 age groups in 11 Indian languages and currently is being used across 21 states. The activities include maths and reading interactive games, speaking exercises and science videos.

PraDigi is run by teaching mothers in a village who in turn help a group of children use the app, engaging the whole community.

This step will help us further take advantage of the opportunities technology holds in educating India by adding a new, exciting element to the child’s learning.

The PraDigi App is available for free at the Google Play Store. Download it here!