Give As You Earn!
Payroll giving

Pratham UK is the fundraising and awareness-raising arm of Pratham, India’s largest non-governmental education organisation.

YOU can directly support the education of underprivileged children by making a very small contribution every month through Pratham UK.

A small monthly contribution from you can support various programmes:

  • £5 per month teaches six children to read and write in one year;
  • £11 per month provides training in construction to one student at the Pratham Institute;
  • £20 per month supports a young woman returning to education for one year.

SIMPLY set up Payroll Giving | Give as you Earn to donate!

Donors can contribute via Charity Aid Foundation’s (CAF) “Give as you Earn” scheme, as long as your pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and your employer or pension company offers the scheme.

  • Please speak with your HR or Payroll department to see if Pratham UK can be added as one of the charities that any employee has the choice to donate out of their pre-tax income.
  • If Pratham UK cannot be added as one of the charities for the company, employees have the option of individually setting up a monthly contribution out of their pre-tax income.