Founder’s Pledge – 15th June (Friday)

Founders Pledge is a forum that brings together Europe’s foremost network of digital and technological entrepreneurs wherein they agree on donating a percentage of their earnings to charity. The founders pledge forum at Watford is a very prestigious event supported by pledgers such as Richard Reed (co-founder of Innocent), Jose Neves (founder & CEO of Farfetch), Nicolas Cary (co-founder of Blockchain), Paul Duan (co-founder eventbrite) amongst others. Pratham has been given the honour to present the work it is doing and the results being achieved at this years forum. Pratham’s founder, Dr. Madhav Chavan will enlighten the audience about the undeniable impact Pratham initiatives have had on improving the literacy levels in India and how their contributions will help further the Pratham cause that is ‘every child in school..learning well’.

Pratham is committed to effective philanthropy in ways that are data-driven and demonstrably high-impact. The difference we make is not just shown through outputs but outcomes, meaning that the work we do directly helps the goals we set out to achieve. The evidence for our impact is robust and our Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) model has shown our strategy for achieving our goals at low cost, maximising the work we can do with the funds available. Our commitment to the founder’s pledge is evident through our tech initiatives such as PraDigi, which brings tablets to villages loaded with our PraDigi educational app, helping to expand our digital opportunities further. Our ‘Teaching at the Right Level’ (TaRL) Strategy has been found effective in Pratham teacher-led classrooms, further demonstrating that our philosophy of short, intensive intervention is highly effective. There are big improvements per unit currency spent and the full transparency with which we undertake our work, as well as our track record, means that Pratham continues being a cost-effective charity, sustainably achieving its goals to make a real difference.

Dr. Chavan will introduce Pratham and persuade attendees at the Founders pledge to donate to us. We hope to raise awareness about the state of illiteracy in India. Our ultimate goal at the founder’s pledge is to raise funds to ameliorate the illiteracy levels in India.