Yale Evidence in Practice case study features Pratham
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Pratham’s programme featured as a case study

Yale’s Evidence in Practise project features Pratham’s Teaching at the Right Level programme as a case study.

Teaching at the Right Level is designed to improve basic literacy and math skills for children in their early childhood.

Below is an extract from the study:

‘Pratham, through TaRL and other programs, has had a significant impact on the education sector in India. Through its unrelenting commitment to the generation and use of evidence, Pratham has systematically influenced the public debate on remedial education, first insisting that grade level is not synonymous with learning level, then pushing for measurement of learning levels, and then partnering to implement solutions to improve learning levels. Pratham’s approach to evidence-informed policy and practice is rooted in the long term relationships it has cultivated with policymakers, researchers, funders, and communities.’

If you’d like to read the full report, you can download a pdf from Yale University press here