Rajeev Sibal

Dr D Rajeev Sibal is the Global Economist at Och-Ziff, where he has worked since July 2013. Prior to joining the firm, Rajeev was a Principal Consultant and Emerging Markets Advisor at Fenrix-a boutique London based consultancy. Previously he worked in investment banking at Citi and as an instructor at the London School of Economics, where he taught courses on financial/economic policy and business (the latter with the TRIUM executive MBA programme).

Rajeev wrote his PhD at the London School of Economics on market structuring and microeconomic incentives in emerging markets. He also spent a term as a visiting scholar at Delhi University, supported by the India Observatory at the LSE, and a term at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas Business School in Sao Paulo.

Additionally, during the PhD Rajeev was twice awarded the Modi-Narayanan Fellowship through the Asia Research Centre. Prior to the LSE, Rajeev earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics, Industrial and Systems Engineering and International Affairs from Georgia Tech in the US.