Pratham UK

Making a Will?

Educate children in India and live on through them.

Want to donate to an education charity? Pratham will be a great choice. Founded in 1994, it has impacted the lives of 50 million children since then through its low cost and scalable methods of improving learning levels in the most deprived areas in India. Worried about Estate duties and taxes? As a UK registered charity your donation will be tax efficient too.

Why choose Pratham?

'As a lawyer, I was placed in a situation where I had to nominate a charity on behalf of a client who passed away. Through multiple discussions with my client I discovered that she had a passion to ensure that all children had the opportunity to receive an education, which lead me to choose a charity which would support her wishes. After excessive research, Pratham UK stood out to me to be the charity that was most worthy of this donation. Pratham UK is one of the very few charities with minimal administration costs and this allows the maximum number of children to benefit from their support. I was in communication with Vinati two years prior to when I made my decision and she was extremely patient and answered all of my questions. She also agreed to have a project set up in the name of my client as I felt she should have some recognition for this substantial donation. I understand that this is the largest single donation ever made to Pratham UK and taking into account my clients’ beliefs, I think she would be elated with the charity I have chosen.' -Seema Suji

Thank you for your interest in Pratham​ UK​
Visit our website to know more about our work and If you would like to meet a member of the UK fundraising team, please email and we will arrange to visit you.