We are always looking for passionate people to volunteer their time and expertise

Intern @ Pratham

We need your help to change Indian children’s lives and prospects. If you wish to volunteer in India and help with work on the ground, please keep aside at least 2 months to make the work meaningful for you and useful for us. Pratham relies on thousands of volunteers annually to improve literacy and learning for underprivileged children. You can help with teaching at an urban centre or researching literacy levels in rural areas (ASER) or working in the administrative offices in large metros such as Mumbai or Delhi. Since we operate all across India, you can choose where in India you would like to volunteer.

Here in the UK, our fundraising is driven by people like you who can make a difference right in their own community. If you have some spare time, please do help us with our work at the office.

Over the years we have had many people gain valuable experience at the office, while gaining from their time and talent. Whether you are a student with one free day a week or a housewife who wants to do something meaningful or someone between jobs, we can find you something to do. Our office is small, centrally located (in Kensington) and the coffee is good!

If you cannot make it to India or to the office, here are just some of the ways you can get involved:
Join or organize an event
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Spread awareness and get social with #Pratham
Share your story, photos and videos
Send all internship and volunteering requests to office@pratham.org.uk

Visit Pratham

Please contact office@pratham.org.uk if you would like to visit a Pratham urban learning centre, a balwadi or vocational skilling centre in India. Here are stories from some of our supporters who have visited Pratham sites and returned home full of inspiration and hope.

From Carola Syz after a visit to Pratham’s projects in Mumbai

“During my recent visit to Mumbai, my favourite day was the one spent visiting Pratham educational projects with such lovely and dedicated ladies as Anamara and Priyanka. It was incredible the way Anamara took us around the Worli slum/community in search of a tiny library, where we found happy children reading Pratham books in several languages that are spoken in this area. These are Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and English. We went through a maze of tiny alleys where I would have got lost immediately, but our tour leader knew well her way around this intricate community. This group of children was composed of different age groups but the reading level was similar. After this site, we went to the local school in Worli. We visited two classes, the first with younger children and the second one with older ones, around 10-12 years old, who sung lovely songs for me. The girls were wearing veils, as this area is populated by Muslims, and were really adorable and friendly. I had a hard time leaving, I must say!”

Below are a few pictures Carola took during her visit. Images © Carola Syz