Pratham UK BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Have you just listened to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal presented by Sangita Myska?

During the appeal you’ll have heard Sangita tell the story of nine-year-old Rupali who is one of seven sisters living in a rural fishing village in Odisha, India. After struggling to keep up in school she became scared of studying. Losing her motivation to learn, Rupali began staying at home with her mother and was in danger of dropping out of school altogether until Pratham stepped in to help.

We help thousands of children just like Rupali address learning gaps that are preventing them from continuing their education and reaching their full potential, but there are thousands more in India who need our help.

A donation of £10 will pay for 100 children, just like Rupali to learn, and to increase the impact of your donation, a foundation which supports the charity will match your donation up to £10,000 – so a £10 donation will be doubled to £20.

You can listen to the Radio 4 Appeal here.


Watch Rupali thrive at Pratham’s school holiday catch-up camp and find out what she plans to do when she finishes school thanks to her new found confidence in this short video!