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Our partners and supporters are key to our success.

Pratham is one of the largest education NGO's in India but not well known outside India. In the words of Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee, "Pratham's impact on the lives of millions of kids has been tremendous; it is quite simply an exceptional, best-in-class organisation that has managed to scale across India." We have won many prizes, including the Kravis Prize, the Skoll Award, the WISE Prize, the LUI Che Woo Prize and most recently the Yidan Prize.

We are fortunate to be supported by an international network of foundations and generous individuals that believe in our mission to see every child learning well.

Our supporters join our collaborations with governments, local communities, parents, teachers, volunteers, and civil society members. Our programmes aim to supplement rather than replace governmental efforts. They are implemented on a large scale to not only reach as many children as possible but also to create an adoptable demonstration model for state governments.

Partnerships are key to our success, enabling us to deliver and grow our innovative education and training programmes. Partnerships can be both program-specific initiatives as well as general operations.

We are able to accept gifts of shares and property, as well as cash, which can be a very tax-efficient way to give.

If you chose to support Pratham UK, a dedicated staff member will work with you to direct your grant or gift to an area of our work aligned with your interests, objectives or a part of the country that you wish to focus on. 

Please email Nick Sankey, our Executive Director, if you would like to learn more.

Partner Profile

UBS Optimus Foundation  is an independent grant-making foundation committed to improving the well being of children. The Foundation believes that all children deserve every opportunity to grow and thrive, free from debilitating disease, neglect, abuse, or marginalization.

The Foundation first began supporting Pratham in 2014; since then its funding has evolved in scale and scope. Previously, the Foundation has supported interventions that have been implemented both directly, as well as in partnership with governments in program sites across the country. In its current form, the Foundation funded programming aims to develop and implement a program that will help youth aged 14-18 years prepare for further learning, work and life.

"The unique collaboration model between UBS in India, Optimus and our partners will create a greater impact and amplify the amount of good we do by leveraging all the unique skillsets that we have within the firm."

Sabine Keller-Busse, Group COO, UBS.

If any UBS client wishes to support any Pratham programme then the Foundation will make a contribution towards the programme for 14-18 years olds outlined above.