Our Mission
“Our mission is to improve the quality of education in India and to ensure that all children in India are not only attending but also thriving in school.”
Take Action
Pratham UK has already raised more than £5 million since 2003 and together with its global partners,helped over 35 million disadvantaged children to read. There are still over 100 million children that remain illiterate across India. Join the Pratham family and help us to erase illiteracy for good.
Case Study
Nancy’s Footsteps
Watch the change just a few Pratham reading camps make in a child’s learning levels..
Jagdeesh’s journey
Watch the change just a few Pratham reading camps make in a child’s learning levels..
Latest News
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Donor Speak
Vivek Khandelwal

Owner, Emdico, one of UK’s largest diamond & fine jewellery wholesalers

“Pratham is truly a great cause that appeals to us a family. Its key  focus on childrens education aids them to better themselves  and be lifted  out of the poverty cycle.

To be able to provide the foundations for a young persons quality education can only enhance their future prospects and for the country…thank you to Pratham.”
Yash Dubal

Award-winning immigration lawyer, and Vitality London Marathon Finisher for Pratham UK.
“Education is a fundamental human right and Pratham is providing a cost-effective, efficient and scalable solution by addressing the root problems”.

Rebecca Winthrop

Director, Centre for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution.
“Pratham piloted the Read India programme aimed at students who are unable to keep up with the level of teaching in their classrooms. They organised extra tutoring for these kids and have come up with different ways of organising this. It has become very effective in increasing reading levels”.