May 27, 2020

Jyoti's Story


Jyoti, an alumnus of the Pratham Healthcare programme, in her capacity as a GeneralDutyAssistant has taken care of more than twenty-five COVID19 affected patients till now. When asked what keeps her going in such a fearful scenario, she says, “One can always choose to run away, but what if our near and dear ones suffer from this? Will we run away even then?”

Jyoti, a mother of three, follows an elaborate protocol of wearing several layers of clothing which are eventually sealed-in by a medicalsuit. Her hands are wrapped in 4 layers of gloves and her face is covered with both #N95 protective mask as well as the regular #mask. Once she puts on the entire protective gear, there is no way to eat, drink or even use the restroom till the time it’s taken off at the end of the day. On her part, Jyoti very humbly requests everyone to stay at home which will help her and other Frontline warriors, who have left their families at home, to fight and win a definitive battle against the Corona pandemic.

This goes to all the spirited frontline CoronaWarriors like Jyoti, who are aiding the treatment of COVID-19 affected patients.