Nov 19, 2021

Pratham UK Gala 2021


The annual fundraising gala to support the cause of education in India was held this year on Friday, October 15th at Th Dorchester, London. In addition to supporting a brilliant cause, the Gala was the perfect event for interacting and networking with eminent celebrities, businessmen and their families.

The keynote speaker at the event was former Indian Solicitor General, Harish Salve who poignantly described education as the powerful bridge between demographic disaster and demographic dividend, and praised the efforts of Pratham upholding this important cause. Also present at the gala was Tariq Knight, who expertly engaged the audience in
mesmerising, impressive feats of magic.

With over 250 attendees, the event raised significant funds for Pratham for which we are incredibly grateful to the Pratham UK community. The evening included many known names from business, media, hospitality, art, government and fashion circles and a marvelous time was had by all.